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Helping Your Local Animal Shelter in Simple Ways

It’s a sad but well-known reality that many pets end up in shelters, for a [...]

The Pros and Cons of Letting Your Cat Go Outside

Once considered to be outdoor animals, on farms for example, cats are nowadays frequently kept [...]

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5 Essentials for Hiking With Your Dog

Nice weather is at our doorstep (at least we hope so) and with the sun [...]

5 Reasons to Add Hemp Oil to Your Pet’s Life

You have heard about the benefits of hemp for humans. Did you know that this [...]

Hemp for Pets: The Benefits for Joint Health

Just like us, our canine friends can suffer from joint problems. Often extremely painful, this [...]

A Simple Guide For Understanding Cats

Cats can  sometimes be very secret creatures. Unlike dogs, which are often open books, felines [...]

7 signs that you’re an animal lover

If you enjoy our blog and Crocx page, chances are you’re an animal lover. But [...]

Preparing your dog for a new baby

Congratulations! You are expecting a baby and soon you will welcome this little bundle of [...]

Help Your Cat and Dog Get Along

We all know the common expression “to fight like cats and dogs.” It definitely contributes [...]

Grieving The Loss Of A Beloved Pet

Wouldn’t it be nice if our furry friends could be eternal? If every day of [...]