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How to Take Perfect Photos of Your Dog

Some studies have shown that dog owners post photos or mention their pet on average [...]

A Guide to Cleaning Your Pet’s Accessories: Toys, Dishes and More

How often should you wash your pet’s belongings? How should you care for them? When [...]

Grieving The Loss Of A Beloved Pet

Wouldn’t it be nice if our furry friends could be eternal? If every day of [...]

Human Foods Dogs Shouldn’t Eat

If you’re a dog owner, you know this fact all too well: They love eating! [...]

A Good Night’s Sleep for Your Dog … and for You

Ah! A good night’s sleep with your loyal companion … four-legged companion, that is. We [...]

How to Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh

Winter brings its share of inconveniences, one of them being the well-known and oh! so [...]

5 Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog

According to studies, about half of pet owners sleep with their four-legged friend. That’s not [...]

Steps to Follow When Your Dog Runs Away

Maybe you got distracted for an instant, one of the kids left the door open, [...]

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Top Tips When Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Your dog is a sociable animal and more than anything else, he loves spending time [...]

3 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Your dog already knows the basic commands. He can sit, lay down and his recall [...]