Crocx commercializes hemp-based products for animals.

Our little treats are made from natural ingredients, mainly sourced from local producers. Made in Québec, 100% natural, 70% organic and now enriched with hemp!

Crocx was born both from a reflexion about ingredients used in commercial dog treats and a passion for animals and food development. Crocx founder, Mélissa Lemieux-Daigle, had a dog named Croquette, who suffered from allergies to animal proteins found in dry food.

Inspired by Melissa’s passion, the new administration aims to pursue her work and expand the brand. By adding hemp to an already winning recipe, we wished to increase the nutritional value and respect Crocx tradition of offering quality treats for dogs. Natural and organic ingredients from the plant will also define the marketing of new products under the Crocx brand.

Crocx, for Healthier Animals.


A Unique Brand

Through the years, Crocx has made it a mission to help animal welfare in Québec, not only by offering quality products, but also by supporting different charities. It is with great pride and passion that the new administration will continue to support the animal shelters of Québec. In an attempt to make the life of animals a little easier, parts of our profits will be redistributed in the form of treats to our furry friends going through the difficult days of shelter life.

The Treats

CROCX takes pride in choosing the best quality ingredients. In fact, our treats are so healthy, they are safe for human consumption!

100% natural

  • *All of the ingredients we use are natural and our treats are free of filling and conservation agents.
    *No wheat, soy or corn
    *No trans-fat or animal/meat by-products
    *We use the following Certified Organic ingredients: flour, flaxseed, oat, molasses, peanut butter, hemp. We aim to reduce the amounts of GMO and chemicals (such as pesticides and fertilizers) ingested by our pets.
    *Crocx treats are oven-baked
    *Most of our ingredients are sourced from local producers, therefore supporting our community’s economy
    *Our products are proudly made in Québec

She was adopted from the SPA at age 7 and was a loving, calm and wise dog. She spread love everywhere she went and touched many people. Croquette passed away at 12, in March 2014. She will forever be the brand’s heart and soul.