Benefits of peanuts and cranberries for dogs

Did you know that some of your favorite foods are good for your dog’s health too? This may come as a surprise as we have heard for a long time that animals should not be eating the same food as humans. Two of those beneficial foods for your pet are peanuts and cranberries. Your favorite snacks could be some of your dogs’ too! Here are some of the benefits of these foods for your pet.

Peanuts for pooch

Rich in protein, niacin, vitamin B-6 and good fats, peanuts are a great snack or reward for your dog. Following physical activity, serving him some could give him a little “boost” of energy. Always pay attention to the portions you give your dog and do not feed it to him every day. It must be given as a treat and not as a meal.

Another interesting advantage is that the fatty acids in peanuts can help mask your four-legged friend’s bad breath. That’s excellent news! However, it is a temporary solution because nothing replaces brushing your pet’s teeth!

We recommend that you check his stool to make sure there is no change in texture or in his routine. If there is a change, you may be giving him too much or he may not be digesting it well. To be sure, talk to your veterinarian.

Cranberry for doggie

We know the benefits of cranberries for humans. Its juice is excellent for urinary tract infections and is recommended for its antibacterial properties. The same applies to your dog, which will enjoy the consumption of this small fruit. Furthermore, cranberries are good for your pet’s oral health, since it destroys dental plaque and limits gums disease. If you serve it in juice form, it must be without added sugar. Always serve a small amount because the acidity could create discomfort in the stomach.


Treats ideas on the lookout for new treats for your dog? Offer him the tasty Crocx Vitality Cookies made from peanuts and cranberries. They are filled with natural good quality ingredients that are excellent for his health. This snack will quickly become his snack of choice!

Peanuts and cranberries offer many benefits. You can integrate them into the menu if he tolerates them well. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to talk to your dog’s veterinarian. He is the best placed to answer your questions.

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