Hemp Oil Versus Olive Oil for Dogs: Which is Better?

We all want the best for our dogs, we take them outside to be active, play with them, research  the best food, and sometimes fall into the tunnel of dietary supplements. I am sure you have found yourself on a search engine typing in these exact words “benefits of…for my dog.” 

If you go online, you will find a plethora of reasons why hemp oil is right for your dog; but you will also find the same for olive oil. But which is the ultimate best? Which oil is most beneficial for your canine friend? 

Both are rich in fatty acids and have amazing long term benefits! But if you could only choose one, which would it be? 

What Each Oil Is 

Let’s start with the basics, the basics of each type of oil. One is known for its healing powers, another known for the culinary arts – but both are surprisingly beneficial for dogs! Let’s break it down.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is made out of cold pressed hemp seeds. It’sinteresting to note that hemp oil made out of hemp seeds is not the same as cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Hemp plants fall under the cannabis family, however, it contains less than 0.3% of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

THC is the compound that causes psychoactive effects. Thus, hemp oil does not have any psychoactive effects and is safe for animals. 

Hemp oil is generally found in infused shampoo and conditioner treatments, dog food and treats, and as an oil. Make sure to give your dog the right dosage depending on their weight and breed. You can ask your veterinarian for more information about the appropriate dose for your dog.

 Olive oil

A tablespoon of olive oil can go a long way. Derived from the natural oils of olives, this common cooking favourite is also an amazing dietary supplement for your dog. Packed with healthy fats, your dog will love all the goodness. 

Olive oil is commonly used as a dietary supplement not only to add nutritional benefits to a dog’s food but also to add more flavour. You don’t want to use olive oil directly on your dog’s coat as it can become messy and your dog will want to lick it off.

Commonalities in Hemp Oil and Olive Oil

Though hemp and olive oil have their unique benefits, they also have many common attributes. Let’s delve into the wonderful reasons why these oils are great for your dog. 

Olive oil for dogs

Immune system

Hemp oil and olive oil are superfoods for the immunity power they offer! If your dog is feeling under the weather or you want to prevent them from heart or body ailments, one of these oils will help. 

Hemp oil is known to help with heart health, pain relief, and muscle tension. Hemp oil contains a balanced amount of fatty acids and amino acids that help with a healthy heart and body. Dogs don’t live as long as humans do, but we can help them have a healthier life. 

Olive oil is also a great defender of the immune system. Its high levels of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamin E, chlorophyll, and carotenoids are what makes it effective. With a stronger immune system, your dog will better be able to fight against infection when exposed to harmful pathogens

Both olive oil and hemp oil can help your dog’s immune system fight against infection for a longer and healthier life. 

Good for the coat

Both hemp oil and olive oil are great for making and keeping your dog’s coat smooth and healthy. 

Hemp oil promotes healthy cellular growth with its balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. It is known for preventing rashes, eczema, and other skin allergies. The perfect balance of fatty acids plays an essential role in battling intense inflammation (more on that later). 

Olive oil has a blend of phytonutrients, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids that work together to help keep your dog’s skin and coat nourished and moisturized. 

Both can be used to prevent shedding, improve dry skin, irritation from rubbing, and dull fur. They are both great supplements to add to your dog’s diet for healthier skin and coat.


Part of what keeps an older dog healthy and youthful is their energy level. You want to be providing your dog with the proper nutrition from the very beginning. 

Hemp oil helps with digestion and metabolism; thus, your dog is properly absorbing the nutrients from their food. If your dog is not getting sufficient nutrients from their food and/or supplements, their energy level is likely to decrease. So, hemp oil can help give your dog a little kick of energy! 

Olive oil can help improve your dog’s circulation and breathing. By increasing the blood flow, it can also lessen the effects of asthma. Thus, your dog will have an easier time breathing and have more energy. This can be effective for brachycephalic breeds, such as pugs, Chow-Chows and Pekingese. 

If you feel your dog lacks energy, ask your veterinarian about adding a supplement of hemp oil or olive oil.

Brain Power

It is a well-known fact that healthy fats make for great brain food! when it comes to your dog, the same applies.

Hemp oil has a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 so that your dog is ready to tackle any trick or obstacle in their path! 

Olive oil has a good amount of fatty acids and is rich in antioxidants to promote healthy brain function. 

To improve memory, response time, and overall brain function, add one of these superfood oils to your dog’s life.

Where Hemp Oil and Olive Oil Differ

Though they do have some very similar benefits, hemp oil and olive oil are not the same! As you will see, hemp oil has two benefits you cannot find in any other supplement. Let’s delve in! 

Benefits of hemp oil for dogs

Hemp Oil 

Reduces Inflammation 

Hemp oil contains many essential vitamins and fatty acids that help keep the skin healthy. It not only helps with breakouts from irritation and allergies but also with inflammation caused by infection or irritation. 

Reduces Anxiety

Hemp oil can help with your dog’s anxiety. Some dogs have anxiety from past trauma, get separation anxiety, or are afraid of loud noises like fireworks and thunderstorms. Hemp oil can help calm your dog’s nerves. 

It also helps increase appetite and nausea, which are two common side effects of anxiety. Thus, hemp oil can help calm your dog’s nerves and prevent anxiety from getting in the way of their health.

Olive Oil

Helps with Weightloss

Olive oil is a great source of healthy fats and energy. It is known to help with weight loss as it stimulates the digestive system. 

If you find your dog is at an unhealthy weight, you may want to consider adding a healthy fat such as olive oil to their diet to improve digestion.

Hemp Oil or Olive Oil: Which is Better?

Though both bring significant benefits, hemp oil takes the prize for the best supplement to add to your dog’s life! 

To break it down hemp oil provides your dog with a balance of omega-3 and omega-6. This boost of fatty acids will improve your dog’s immune system, prevent shedding, amp their brain health, and promote a happy and healthy life. 

Furthermore, hemp oil reduces anxiety and inflammation, benefits that olive oil cannot offer. 

If you are interested in learning more about hemp oil, we have all the answers! Don’t hesitate to check out our FAQ page or contact us directly with any of your questions or concerns. 

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