Helping Your Local Animal Shelter in Simple Ways

It’s a sad but well-known reality that many pets end up in shelters, for a reason or another, waiting for their forever family. These organizations are essential to the survival of animals. Their work not only important, but essential. Did you know that Crocx is involved with the Refuge des fidèles moustachus de Québec? If that inspire you, how about helping out a shelter close to your home too? As an animal lover, you’ve probably already asked yourself what you could do to encourage your local animal rescue in a simple and effective way. Here are some ideas to support their mission!

Give the Gift of Time

Shelters, as well as the animals that they care for, are always in great need of a helping hand. Most of them welcome volunteers with open arms! Tasks range from cleaning to administrative work and can even include “cuddling” with their fluffy residents. Feel free to ask to be assigned to a job for which you feel comfortable. No matter how many hours you’re able to offer, volunteering is a great way to help, to contribute to the well-being of animals and to keep the shelter in good condition.

If you have a car and a little time, you can become a “pet driver” and drive the animals to the shelter, a foster home, the vet or maybe their forever home. Emotional and rewarding all at once!

Are you active and enjoy walking? No doubt several active dogs would be more than happy to tag along for a walk! You’re not much of an athlete, but you love to cuddle little fluff balls? You can contribute to the socialization of cats with your reassuring words and hugs. Let’s bet they will give you your weekly dose of love and cuddles in return!

Put Your Skills and Talents to Good Use

Are you an outstanding photographer? Did you know that a beautiful picture gives an animal a better chance of being adopted? So go ahead, snap as many as you want and who knows, you could help a furry friend find a loving family.

You don’t have photography skills, but you’re a translator? A web designer? An accountant? Shelters often rely on the talents and competencies of volunteers to help the organization run smoothly at the lowest possible cost. By giving your time, you contribute to the financial health of the shelter, which can focus its energy on the animals.

Talk About It

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … there are plenty of platforms to express yourself! Why not use social media to share the hard work of local shelters, leave a supportive message or help spread the word about an animal looking for a family? Maybe there’s someone in your network looking for a four-legged friend that could find its perfect match in one of your posts.

Donate Items

Do you have used items in good condition that your pooch is not using anymore? Or an extra bag of food? Your local shelter would be glad to take them! If you are unsure of what your shelter needs, give them a call, they will be happy to share a list with you. If you can, buy a few extra essentials next time you visit the pet store.

Even better, organize a donation box at work or with your family. Most people are sensitive to the plight of abandoned animals and will be willing to contribute.

Here is a list of items that can be very useful for a shelter:

So? Bet you are eager to help, right? The best part? Your time and commitment will be rewarded by the unconditional love of the new four-legged friends you’ll meet while volunteering!

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