5 Reasons to Add Hemp Oil to Your Pet’s Life

You have heard about the benefits of hemp for humans. Did you know that this plant also has powerful virtues for animal health? Indeed, its exceptional properties are as beneficial for your four-legged friends as they are for us. Here are 5 reasons why your pet needs hemp in his life!

1. To Benefit from A plant with a Thousand Virtues

Although hemp has been around for thousands of years, it’s just beginning to make its way into the lives of our animals. However, its many virtues almost make us regret not having discovered its useful benefits before! Hemp is easy to cultivate and is part of what is called sustainable and responsible agriculture. It’s rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It’s a real superfood for humans and pets, a true superhero for the planet. That in itself is enough to make it part of your four-legged friend’s life isn’t? Wait, there’s more!  

2. To Help Your Dog Grow Old Comfortably

With age, many dogs develop joint pain and arthritis, which slows them down and affects their quality of life. If your dear old doggie has trouble getting up, hemp oil can help. Thanks to its extraordinary components, it reduces inflammation and can relieve pain related to joint problems. Who knows, that might be enough for a game of fetch like in the good old days! In addition to being beneficial for your pet’s physical health, hemp oil also keeps your favourite friend sharp. Indeed, hemp supplements support healthy cognitive function and brain activity. No, he won’t turn into a little genius, but it will help him stay alert!

3. For a Shiny and Silky Coat

A healthy dog is a happy dog! With its perfect balance of essential fatty acids, hemp oil moisturizes and contributes to cell regeneration, in addition to helping to prevent certain common problems such as allergies and skin rashes. To add to its already impressive list of qualities, hemp oil is rich in minerals, vitamins and has an ideal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6, which are precious allies for the health of your four-legged friend. For a silky coat, a vigorous heart and a perfect eyesight, hemp does the job. It is also a great way to boost your pet’s immune system.

4. It Can Help Prevent Major Health Problems

Hemp oil, thanks to its gamma-linolenic acid content, is known to be successful in treating chronic inflammation, which can increase the risk of cancer in animals (and humans). In addition, studies show that although hemp oil cannot treat cancer, it can at times help with symptoms. That’s something to keep in mind! After all, we all want our favourite little fur ball around for many years.

5. To Discover Local Products

OK. We admit it. This fifth reason is not directly related to your pet’s health, but it’s still a huge advantage. Did you know that you can easily find locally made hemp-based products for pets, in Quebec? Great, isn’t it? Crocx, a pioneer in this field, offers, among other things, a hemp supplement as well as delicious treats for your companion.

Healthy, local, and easy to find! What more could you ask for? Now is the time to make hemp part of your faithful companion’s life.

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