How to Find the Right Name for Your Pet

You have welcomed a new fur ball in your home, dog or cat, big or small. You have been waiting for this moment for a long time and now that the day has come, you have one decision to make: finding the right name for your new friend! Maybe you already have the perfect one in mind … maybe you are still searching for that truly unique name. Either way, here are a few things to think about and some useful tips!

A Few Tips and Tricks

Picking a name for your pet definitely can be tricky, but it can also become a fun family activity. The choices are endless, Get creative, brainstorm with your partner and kids, check ideas online! To make your life a little easier (and your pet’s life as well, after all, he will be stuck with that name for eternity and beyond), keep these things in mind:

Try to pick…

—A Name That is Easy to Pronounce

A foreign name will surely be original, but if no one can say it right in your household, or if no one pronounces it the same way, you might have a hard time getting your furry friend’s attention. Creativity is a good thing, but you also have to be practical. Naming your dog Mister Alfred might sound very distinguished, but imagine when you have to try to get him to run back to you. By the time you finish saying it, he’ll be long gone! In general, animals respond better to shorter names, one or two syllables maximum. If you pick a longer one, think about the fact that your pet might end up with a nickname and make sure you like it!

A Name That Won’t Confuse Your Pet

Some names might sound too much like the basic commands you use daily, especially if you have a dog. Stay away from anything that sounds like “No”, “Stay”, “Sit” or “Fetch” to avoid any confusion.

—A Name With a Positive Vibe

OK. You love horror movies and you are a total Walking Dead fan. We get it. But naming your dog Chucky or Zombie might send the message to people that your dog is mean or aggressive, even if he’s the biggest softie in the world. A negative reaction to your puppy’s name could scare others away meaning he won’t be properly socialized. The last thing you want is for people to be suspicious of your adorable four-legged friend. The same goes for words that might have an inappropriate connotation. It might sound funny at first … but not so much when you have to scream it at 5 a.m. when your pooch decides to run away. Pets bring so much joy into a household, let’s try to give them a name that they can wear with pride!

Looking for Inspiration?

What’s in a Name?

Did you know most people choose a human name for their pet? Some name their animal after their favourite celebrity, an important historical figure or even movie characters. If these names are meaningful, go for it! Perhaps Mozart, Daisy, Roosevelt or even Bradley (Cooper of course) made your list? As long as you don’t pick your neighbour’s name, you’re safe.

Physical Traits

You animal’s physical traits can inspire you. Cats are often given names that are reminders of their colour, size or special features. Mitten for those cute mitten-like paws, Snowball for a white kitty, Chubby for … well a chubby cat! What about Midnight, Shadow or Ebony for a mysterious black cat?

A Name That Fits Their Personality

If you are patient enough and can wait for a few days before picking a name for your dog or cat, it could certainly give you some ideas. Once you discover their personality, you might decide to choose a name that fits with it. Your kitten is like the energizer bunny? Lightning might be a good name. Your dog likes to sleep all the time? Your cat is hilarious? Let their positive behaviour inspire you!

Lastly, don’t forget that picking a name for your pet is above all a question of preference. Find one that you will love saying and that the entire family enjoys. Speaking of preferences, one last source of inspiration could be just that: your hobbies and passions. Latte might be an awesome name for a cat if you are a coffee lover. What about Cookie for dog owners with a sweet tooth? Into sports? Adidas sounds pretty cool. So, what will it be?

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