Hemp for Pets: The Benefits for Joint Health

Just like us, our canine friends can suffer from joint problems. Often extremely painful, this issue can be caused by different conditions related or not to ageing. Arthritis, hip dysplasia and fast growth can cause extreme pain, often difficult to bear for your pooch. However, among all causes, arthritis remains the most common and  the the most painful. Although it’s impossible to cure, there are great options out there to relieve its symptoms. Hemp is definitely one of them and deserves our attention!

The Consequences of Arthritis

Arthritis in dogs can not only cause pain, but also drastically limit the activities of your four-legged friend. Goodbye long hikes, runs  in the park and frisbee catching, up the air! For some, it even becomes impossible to climb stairs or worse, to move normally. Arthritis damages the cartilage, causing the bone to rub, which in its turn, causes inflammation and pain. Often, this problem becomes a vicious circle: the more your dog hurts, the less he wants to move, the less he moves, the more the joints become stiff, and so on. Yet, one of the most important things when trying to slow the progression of the disease is to keep your pooch as active as possible. Not  an easy task, when every step hurts! Therefore, it’s important to know all that can be done to help your dog. In addition to traditional treatments, hemp can come to the rescue like a real superhero!

The Power of Hemp

You may be wondering: Is hemp really safe for my pet?   Although hemp does come from the same plant as cannabis, it doesn’t share its psychotropic effects, so no need to worry! Not only is it safe for your dog, but it also has exceptional health benefits. As with any change to your dog’s routine, you should talk to your veterinarian to find out if hemp is the solution for your faithful companion. That being said, while hemp oil-based supplements such as Crocx’s Healthy Nutritional Supplement can not cure arthritis and joint problems, studies show that they can greatly relieve some of its painful symptoms. Here are some of its superpowers!


  • Is known to reduce pain, regardless of where it comes from.

Knowing that the more active a dog remains, the healthier his joints will stay, it’s an important ally in the well-being of your dog.

  • Reduces inflammation

Inflammation causes chronic pain that can greatly impact your dog’s quality of life. Rich in essential fatty acids, hemp oil helps relieve symptoms of arthritis and makes your dog want to run and play, just like he did before.

  • Helps reduce anxiety

How are anxiety and joint health related, you ask? A hurting dog can develop anxiety linked to pain and want to move less and less, for fear of suffering. Several studies in recent years have shown that hemp can have a soothing effect on animals and therefore reduce anxiety, keeping pets active. Again, as, the number one goal to reduce joint problems is to help keep your dog in shape, lessening the fear of moving is a step in the right direction!

Natural, rich in fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, hemp also helps keep your furry friend’s joints healthy. A great gift for his general well-being, hemp is a true superhero!

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