7 signs that you’re an animal lover

If you enjoy our blog and Crocx page, chances are you’re an animal lover. But what type are you? Do you treat your pet as a family member, without necessarily spending your days chewing your colleagues’ ears off with  anecdotes? Or do you have your crazy cat lady badge? No matter what your relationship with your four-legged friend, looks like, let’s face it, we’re all a little crazy about our fur balls! Here are 7 signs that do not lie!

1- You use a special  voice when you to talk to animals

You know, that high-pitched voice filled with love and affection that you use to talk to your dog, the neighbor’s, the one waiting in front of the cafe and basically every animal you come across? Not only do you speak this way at home, but you also shamelessly do it in public. It does not matter if it makes you look weird, you just can’t help yourself. You are convinced all little fluffy creatures deserve your special tone and it’s your way of showing them that they are unique.

2- You are an animal magnet

No matter where you go, cats and dogs always run to greet you and love you instantly. You are known as the person always surrounded by  animals when there are some in the room. They instinctively trust you and give you love for free. People are starting to think you have a special power or perhaps, keep treats in your pockets.  Oh, wait…have we just revealed your secret?

3- Your spend way too much time looking at pics and videos of animals

Your Instagram feed is full of pictures of puppies and cute little kittens, to a point where  you don’t really see your friend’s pictures anymore. Regardless, the algorithm has understood your priorities! No need to see your friend Sophie’s new decor. A pic of a little furry face sparks way more joy in your day.

4- Your four-legged friend has more accessories than you

Bowls, leashes, scarves, blankets. Your pet has dozens and they keep coming. When it comes to spending for your fur baby, you have a hard time controlling yourself and you want the best. There is no way  your dog will go for his first spring walk wearing a collar with wintery motifs. April is all about pretty pastel colors, period. If you promise not to push it by wearing matching sweatshirts, we forgive you.

5- Your dog gets the best spot in your bed

Even if you’re a little embarrassed to admit it, you sleep better with your fluffy love ball next to you. Of course, you have some sleepless nights from time to time because your dog or cat tends to take up 90% of the space, snores, moves and clumsily puts his paws in your face. Yet, you wouldn’t change a thing. After all, is there anything better than the warmth and softness of your pet’s fur to keep you warm and safe at night?

6- You call your pet when you are away

Yes, you are one of those people who “Facetime” their dog when they are away from home. Yes, you have read the studies saying that he does not really understand what is happening, but you are convinced that your animal has a superior intelligence and that he totally gets it. Besides, you have noticed that it seems to make him feel better to talk to you…Or maybe it’s the other way around?

7- You often wonder if you were an animal in a previous life

Sometimes, you find it difficult to keep harmonious relationships with humans. You are starting to think maybe you are not like everybody else. All those things left unsaid, all the times you have to be diplomatic, those smiles that sometimes must be forced. It’s exhausting! You can’t help but think  that life would be so much easier if you only had to interact with animals. They give unconditional love, don’t ask unwanted questions and have a pure heart. What more can you ask for?

So, did you recognize yourself or a loved one in one or more of these statements? If so, be proud of being a crazy animal lover!

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