Human Foods Dogs Shouldn’t Eat

If you’re a dog owner, you know this fact all too well: They love eating! When they smell something yummy, nothing can stop them. A garbage can without a proper lid, the BBQ grill, an unattended plate on the counter are all tempting enough for your pet to become a sneaky thief. While these incidents are usually minor and without consequences, some foods can be truly harmful for your dog. For example, fatty or salty foods, lactose, raw eggs, stone fruits, rhubarb, foods with xylitol, as well as caffeine can all cause discomfort or other health problems. Some are even more dangerous, such as the ones in the following list, which can sadly be life-threatening for pets.


Every famous cartoon dog, from Pluto to Odie or Santa’s Little Helper (shout out to all Simpsons fans) is pictured at a moment or another with a shiny, perfectly shaped bone in his mouth. In real life, however, they don’t exactly look like that and can actually be a choking hazard for your pup. Chicken and pork bones should be avoided, especially when cooked, as they can break and become sharp enough to perforate the intestinal wall. Instead of offering your pooch a bone, opt for a good quality dog toy, guaranteed to keep him busy … and safe.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Dogs like the smell of it as much you enjoy the taste. Unfortunately, theobromine, one of the many compounds found in chocolate, is toxic for our canine friends. Because it increases heart rate, stimulates the nervous system and is a diuretic, it can cause serious problems. If a small piece of chocolate ingested by mistake is not the end of the world, a larger quantity can cause vomiting, diarrhea and even heart problems and death. Since your dog has a well-developed sense of smell, even your most secret hiding spot probably isn’t enough to keep him from finding your stash. Keep the sweet stuff out his reach, just to be on the safe side. Remember that a hungry dog is perseverant and will do anything for a snack! The higher the cocoa content, the more dangerous the chocolate is. Needless to say, cocoa powder should also be on a high shelf, and don’t forget to keep your dog away from the treats left behind by the Easter bunny!


No shooter filled parties for your pooch! While some of us can have a couple of drinks and feel fine, dogs, on the other hand, don’t need a third round of tequila shots to feel sick from alcohol consumption. If your worst side effect could be dancing to a 90s hit like there’s no tomorrow, for your pet, the consequences are way more serious. Even when ingested in small quantities, your dog can become disoriented and very ill. If he drinks a larger amount, his cardiac and nervous systems can be affected and this can have a fatal outcome. To celebrate with your fur ball, stick to water or treat him to a little bit of hemp supplement. Safe and tasty!


We’d like to say that the only downside of your furry friend eating onions will be his bad breath but reality is, it’s way more serious than that! Onions contain an element that is toxic to dogs. It affects their red blood cells, causing anemia and in worst cases, respiratory distress that can lead to death. Whether Max chomps down the entire pile on the kitchen island or eats a few pieces here and there, an emergency visit to the vet is mandatory. It’s worth mentioning that garlic and chives should also be avoided!   

Macadamia Nuts

In the “unexplained phenomenon” category, the reaction of certain dogs (but not all) to macadamia nuts is a clear winner! Lost of consciousness, vomiting, paralysis, out-of-control heart rate…. Let’s stop here! No need to say more. For some dogs, only a piece or two can act as a lethal poison. Since it’s impossible to predict how your pup will react to macadamia nuts, the best option is to keep them away from him.

Grapes and Raisins

Some dogs can eat grapes and raisins with no side effects, but for others, it can cause serious issues. Because they can affect your pet’s kidneys, it’s better to avoid them. If your dog loves fruits, why not give him some delicious  Crocx cranberry treats? A healthy and safe snack!


It’s Pizza Night and your famous homemade pizza dough is rising slowly in a bowl on the counter. Be careful not to leave it within your dog’s reach. Because it contains yeast, the dough can expand in your pet’s stomach and cause anything from simple digestive problems, to respiratory distress and even violent vomiting. If not treated, the complications can be extremely serious. A great place to hide your bread or pizza dough to let it rise: the oven! (Turned off, or course.) Unless your pooch is trained to open the oven door, your dog and pizza night should be safe!

If you suspect your dog ate something dangerous, don’t panic. Call your vet and try to give him as much information as you can about the food and quantity. Prevention is the key to keep your pup out of trouble. Store food away and out of reach to protect your best friend’s health!

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