How to Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh

Winter brings its share of inconveniences, one of them being the well-known and oh! so pleasant “wet dog smell.” Never an enjoyable scent! In fact, did you know it’s one of the reasons people hesitate to add a canine member to the family? A surprising, but understandable fact considering a foul-smelling dog, whether it’s because of humidity or bad breath, is not exactly a pleasant thing to live with. A dog being a dog, we can’t expect them to walk around smelling like fresh laundry, but by adopting simple habits, it’s possible to control bad odours.

Keeping Your Dog Dry

Damp fur not only smells bad, it encourages the growth of bacteria and can aggravate odour problems and cause more serious health issues. Therefore, it’s important to dry your dog with a towel after a walk or when he comes in wet from outside. Don’t forget to dry the inside of his ears, a particularly sensitive spot for your pup. Anyone who has seen their pooch suffer from an ear infection knows how painful it is not only for the dog, but also for the human nose (AKA worst smell EVER!).

Brushing Your Pet Regularly

For many dogs, a good brushing session is a pure moment of joy. Not only do they get all of your attention, but it’s like a massage, a petting and hugging session all at once. Combing your dog daily helps eliminate dirt, dead skin and debris linked to foul-smelling fur. It also contributes to a healthy and shiny coat, all while reducing shedding.

Caring for Dental Health

Dog breath doesn’t have to rhyme with bad breath! Just like us, pups benefit from brushing on a regular basis. On top of helping prevent dental diseases, dental care helps eliminate plaque and bacteria, responsible for odours. And let’s be honest, a fresh breath is more likely to make even the slurpiest dog-kisses enjoyable for you. A win-win situation.

Bathing 101

Bathing your dog too often can cause skin irritation, so it should probably not be a weekly thing. Nevertheless, a good bath once in a while is a great way to keep your pet smelling good! Whenever possible, choose a day when the weather is mild so your pup doesn’t get cold if he absolutely needs to go outside while his fur is still damp. A gentle dog shampoo is the best choice for a safe wash. Look for options that use natural ingredients, such as Crocx rejuvenating Pet Shampoo with Hemp Oil. It is important to wet your dog thoroughly with warm water. Try to avoid getting water in your dog’s ears, eyes and nose. Rinse well to prevent shampoo residue from irritating your dog’s skin. Finally, towel dry his fur to avoid that wet dog smell that we mentioned previously.  

Grooming: Leave It to the Experts

Unless you have mastered all the basics of a complete grooming routine, leave this job to the pros. An appointment at the dog salon is not only about making your dog look clean and beautiful! It also involves important steps such as cleaning his ears, trimming his nails and other jobs that require quite a bit of expertise. A competent groomer will pay attention to your pooch’s coat and alert you of any problems. How often your dog should be professionally groomed depends on many factors such as breed and lifestyle, but one thing is for sure, it’s well worth the extra money. After all, having a healthy, clean and fluffy dog is priceless!

There you have it! With these simple habits, your pet will smell fresh, or as fresh as a dog can smell. A sure way to make you want to give him all the hugs and kisses in the world!

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