5 Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog

According to studies, about half of pet owners sleep with their four-legged friend. That’s not surprising, considering how comforting they can be (and how much we love them!). Can you think of a better feeling than the one you get from snuggling with your fluff ball, big or small, on a cold winter’s night? Even if sleeping habits are a personal matter, letting your dog hop into bed with you is still frowned upon by many people. Considered a health hazard by some, or a sleep disturbance by others, some are quick to judge such a choice. However, recent studies have shown that co-sleeping with your animal can actually be worthwhile in many ways. Here are 5 benefits of sharing a bed with your pooch.

Keeps you Warm

Did you know a dog’s body temperature is on average 4 times higher than ours? That’s a good way to keep you toasty, even on the coldest nights. Your furry “radiator” provides long-lasting warmth that can help you fall asleep faster and avoid waking up because your feet are frozen. Sleeping with dogs to stay warm is nothing new, as many of our ancestors from northern regions snuggled with their pack hundreds of years ago, for a cozy night in harsh weather.

Helps Fight Anxiety

The positive effects of living with a dog are well-known. Not only can it reduce stress levels, it can help with anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure and much more. Those benefits are true during the day … but also true at night! If you suffer from anxiety or insomnia, the presence of your dog by your side can have amazingly calming results. Snuggling with your furry friend activates hormones linked to happiness and its regular breathing can be soothing and can promote sleep. Better than any white noise machine, right?  

Provides a Sense of Safety

For some people, nights don’t feel like the safest time. Honestly, darkness, silence or unfamiliar noises don’t only scare the kids! Having a dog by your side can reassure you, especially if you live alone. Let’s face it, falling asleep knowing your pup is there to alert you of a problem and protect you is much easier. It might even mean a more peaceful night. Considering that a good night’s sleep is priceless, that benefit is worth its weight in gold.  

Good for Bonding

Chances are, humans are not the only ones who enjoy cuddling! Being the loyal companions that they are, dogs live for those moments of affection! What a treat it is to sleep next to their favourite person, the one they are always eager to please, protect and shower with unconditional love! For shy or fearful canines or dogs rescued from a life of mistreatment, it can be a great way to strengthen the bond with their new owner. It can also provide them with well-deserved comfort.

A Personal Choice

In the end, whether you decide to sleep with your pet or not is a personal matter. If you suffer from allergies or if your dog keeps you up all night, the choice is easy to make! In contrast, if you enjoy sleeping with your pup, go ahead and indulge! As in all things, do what’s best for you and make sure to set boundaries if necessary. Good night!

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