Top Movies to Watch With Your Dog This Winter

Les bons films à regarder bien au chaud avec son chien cet hiver

Isn’t winter the perfect season to slow down? Yup, it’s the ideal time for a cocooning session with your pet or for a movie night (or day) all bundled in a cozy blanket. If you are a cinema AND a dog lover, why not combine both and snuggle up with your pooch in front of some good old classic dog flick? You won’t even have to choose, we made a list of the best of the best… starring a canine or a cat, of course. Pop some popcorn for yourself and spoil your companion to some yummy treats. Enjoy these unforgettable stories!

The 6 Best Dog Flicks of All Time


Les bons films à regarder bien au chaud avec son chien cet hiver

The oldest version dates back to 1943, starring none other than Liz Taylor. Yup, THE Elizabeth Taylor. Lassie, a loveable and brave colley is sold to a rich family after her owners become financially ruined. To say she is unhappy about her new situation is an understatement. Luckily, she will escape and try to make her way home. Of course, her journey is epic and she has to risk her life to be reunited with her loved ones. A classic tale about a perfect faithful dog. Go ahead and watch it!

Turner and Hooch

Les bons films à regarder bien au chaud avec son chien cet hiver

Two words: Tom Hanks. Isn’t he fabulous in all his movies? In Turner and Hooch, he plays a reluctant pet owner who, after looking for every possible reason not to like Hooch, finally softens up to his new companion. This story is hilarious but also heartbreaking at times. It’s a good depiction of the bond between a dog and a man and how it can change someone’s existence. Of course Hooch helps Turner turn his life around in many ways. Will he find love? Will he find success? We can’t tell you! Make sure you have some tissues close by; you might shed a few tears.


Les bons films à regarder bien au chaud avec son chien cet hiver

Richard Gere. Need we say more? Like old wine, he gets better with age. But let’s focus on the real star: Hachi. He’s an Akita Inu dog, and the absolute poster child of the devoted companion. Hachi walks with his master Parker (Richard Gere) every morning to the train station and waits for his return every night. Spoiler Alert. When Parker dies, the faithful dog continues with this routine until he eventually ends up living there. Over the years, he becomes an inspiration and hero to everyone who stops by. If you are looking for a heart-wrenching, beautiful scenario, this is the one. Be warned though: It’s impossible not to cry, especially when you know it’s actually based on a true story.


Les bons films à regarder bien au chaud avec son chien cet hiver

A recent version is available on Netflix, but the 1973 original is the one to watch. The movie follows the unlikely adventures of Benji, a stray mutt from a small village. The adorable dog might be a stray, but that doesn’t mean he’s unhappy. He spends his days walking around town, meeting with friendly humans who feed him and give him some well-needed love. Of course, like any dog, he is hoping to find his FOREVER family. The Chapmans and their two charming kids are just what Benji needs. Unfortunately, Mr. Chapman is not what we would call an animal lover … in fact he kinda hates dogs. As in any good movie, Benji runs into some major problems. They mostly start after the abandoned house he lives in, becomes the secret hideout of a bunch of thieves. We can’t tell you more, but let’s just say Benji might turn out to be a hero, find a family or even romance! Watch out for a happy ending!


Les bons films à regarder bien au chaud avec son chien cet hiver

This feel-good movie from 1992 (time flies!) is a must watch for any dog lover. The whole family will be laughing out loud during this film. The adventures of this kind and clumsy Saint Bernard (who inherited his name after barking along to Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 5th symphony) never get old. The story starts when Beethoven escapes from thieves and ends up being adopted by the Newtons. Of course, the father hates the hound and would do anything to get rid of him and sure enough, the kids are on a mission to show him otherwise. (What is it with dads and dogs in movies?!) Beethoven eventually proves himself to be a loyal companion and a valuable, and even essential member of the Newton Family. How? That’s yours to discover!

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Les bons films à regarder bien au chaud avec son chien cet hiver

This choice will please cat lovers! This Disney flick is suitable for young ones and the young at heart with its loveable characters. Chance a golden retriever, Shadow and American bulldog, and Sassy the cat embark on a wild journey after mistakenly thinking that their family has abandoned them. This leads to perilous adventures, numerous obstacles and thrilling moments. Their expedition through mountains, bad weather, rivers and unwelcoming wilderness isn’t a walk in the park, that’s for sure. Thankfully, bossy Sassy is there to keep her two canine friends on track and moving! Guaranteed entertainment for everyone!

A Few More Ideas for a Perfect Movie Night with Your Pooch

Les bons films à regarder bien au chaud avec son chien cet hiver

The list could go on and on. We could have included animation movies such as 101 Dalmatians or Lady and the Tramp or even the hilarious Secret Life of Pets. If we think of recent releases, Marley and Me would make our top three in a heartbeat … and make you forever grateful for your well-behaved fur ball. What about you? What is your favourite dog flick?

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