Top Tips When Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Trucs pour garder votre chien occupé lors de vos absences des fêtes

Your dog is a sociable animal and more than anything else, he loves spending time in your company. That’s why being alone can be a heartbreaking challenge for your pooch. If your sweet friend suddenly transforms into the Tasmanian Devil every time you step out the door, a few simple tips can go a long way. Here is how to avoid destructive behaviour and keep boredom and loneliness at bay while you are out.

Walk Your Dog in the Morning Before Leaving

Plan an early workout for your pet. Yes, you read that right. While most owners go for long walks at the end of the day (which is also a great idea), exercising in the morning will make a world of difference in your dog’s life. After burning off all that energy, he will be happy to cozy up on his dog bed and snooze instead of spending his time alone recreating a scene from Marley and Me.

Trucs pour garder votre chien occupé lors de vos absences des fêtes

Provide Entertainment While You Are Away

If you come home to yet another destroyed piece of furniture, your dog is probably bored and just looking for ways to stay entertained. Of course, your favourite armchair doesn’t sound like the proper idea to have fun, right? Leave some toys for him to play with. This will give him a much less destructive option to fight off boredom. While he is focused on his chew toy, he won’t be as tempted by your new velvet cushion.

Choose Some Safe and Sturdy Toys

Choose durable and safe toys that won’t require your supervision and won’t be a choking hazard. For hours and hours of entertainment, you can stuff a Kong or a similar toy with some dog food or treats. This will keep your dog happy as well as intellectually and physically stimulated for hours! You can even freeze the toys to make the fun last longer.

Trucs pour garder votre chien occupé lors de vos absences des fêtes

Hide Some Healthy Hemp Treats

If you are looking for ways to keep your dog happy AND healthy while you’re away, try using the hemp treats from Crocx. They come in three flavours: bananas and pears, cranberries and peanuts or apples and honey. They are delicious options to stuff the toys and they are packed with healthy and natural ingredients.

Leave the Radio or TV On… Or Not

Should you turn on the TV or radio on for your pup? Opinions vary on that topic, but you could surely try it out. Keep in mind that this solution alone won’t be enough to fight boredom and loneliness. Remember that loud sound effects or screaming and shouting noises might make your dog anxious. Classical music might be more appropriate, and we even heard that there are some special channels aimed at keeping dogs relaxed and happy all day long!

Make Your Home Dog-Friendly and Safe

You probably want two things when you leave your dog for the day. Knowing he is safe and knowing your house is safe from any unwanted destructive behaviour. To have that peace of mind, a few precautions are all you need. Make sure your pet doesn’t have access to electrical cords to chew on or any hazardous liquids or materials. Store breakable items out of his reach and if Max is not in a crate, it’s a good idea to limit the number of rooms he can roam freely in. It is actually better not to leave to whole house to your dog, as he might become anxious feeling like he has to “defend” all that space. Using a baby gate will show him what is off-limits. Of course, make sure your hound stays hydrated while you are away by providing him with a bowl of fresh water.

Hire a Dog Walker

This solution might not suit every budget, but it’s definitely an investment that’s well worth it. Hire an experienced dog keeper, make sure they are knowledgeable when it comes to canine behaviour. Of course, choose a dog walker who is kind and gentle with your pup. Depending on how much money you want to spend, this service is available once a week, a few times a week or even every day!

Trucs pour garder votre chien occupé lors de vos absences des fêtes

You’re Home … for Better or for Worse!

Don’t you find coming home to your dog makes you feel like a rock star? He does the happy dance, and it seems as if for your animal, this is kinda the best day of his life … every day. If you are walking into a total disaster, resist the urge to scold him. Your dog lives in the moment and won’t understand why you are upset with him at all. In fact, this might make things more problematic, as he could become anxious every time you return! Even though it might be difficult, ignore the situation and wait for him to be calm. He has to learn that you won’t pet him until he stops jumping around like a puppy. Clean up the mess when he is not with you if possible so he doesn’t associate this task with your spending quality time with him.

After having tried all these strategies, if your faithful friend is still coming up with mischievous plans to destroy your living room, get help from a professional dog trainer or dog behaviour specialist. They are experts at dealing with this type of problem and they will surely find long-term solutions to make your absences easier on your furry baby!

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