Gift Ideas for Pets This Christmas

Gift Ideas for Pets This Christmas

This Christmas, don’t forget to spoil the one who gives you unconditional love, brings you pure joy, loyal company and an unshakeable friendship. Yup, your dog or cat also deserves to be on Santa’s list this year! Here are simple ideas for your four-legged friend or for that special human who just adores his pet. All made in Québec!

A Chic Christmas Gift for Your Dog

Gift Ideas for Pets This ChristmasWearing your best clothes for the holidays? Got the house all set up with glitter and lights? Then Doggie deserves to shine as well. BrainItHeart, a Québec-based company on Etsy, sews bow ties and bandanas for canines in quality fabrics. You can choose from a wide range of classic or funky prints (their wool bow tie in checkered pattern is to die for). Looking for the perfect bow for your Great Dane or perhaps your tiny Chihuahua? They have the right size for any breed. With prices between five and nine dollars, making Max the star of all your Christmas pictures sure won’t break the bank!

Head over to Truffes et Compagnie for similar products with a twist: they have matching hair scrunchies for your dog’s best human friend (you, of course). Seriously, what could possibly be more fun than getting all matchy-matchy with your furry buddy? For every item sold, this small shop gives back to animal welfare charities.

Healthy Hemp Treats Under the Christmas Tree

Crocx has the ideal present for owners who care about their pet’s health: hemp biscuits. 100% natural and oven-baked, the treats incorporate only the best ingredients such as hemp hearts, a super food for your dog! These delicious cookies, available in three flavours, are the perfect stocking stuffers for your faithful friend! For the Holidays, Crocx is offering three gift packages; Le Délicieux, Le Mielleux and Le Savoureux. These pet pleasing presents include a yummy hemp treat bag as well as a bottle of nutritional hemp supplement for dogs, a healthy boost for your furry friend! So, while you enjoy your turkey dinner and cranberry sauce on Christmas Night, your dog is sure to have a festive feast of his own munching on scrumptious cranberry hemp delicacies!

Gift Ideas for Pets This Christmas

A Comfy Gift for a Cuddly Dog

Can’t stand looking at that old worn-out dog cushion in the middle of your living room? Not to mention the pattern on it, h-o-r-r-e-n-d-o-u-s. Wild and Loyal Shop, from Montréal, designs teepees for your pet’s nap time. Made from natural and dye-free cotton canvas, they take the idea of dog beds to a whole new level with their minimalist and monochrome prints. Perfect for any decor! It will surely become a peaceful hiding spot for your animal and a total fashion statement for the interior designer in you. These sturdy and handmade gifts run for about $100 each.

Kitty Deserves the Best on December 25th

The owners of AnimalLove were looking for an alternative to a major eyesore for all cat lovers: cat toys. They decided to take matters into their own hands. The result? Beautifully handmade toys with sleek lines using natural materials such as wool and wood. Our pick: their cat wand made with wood and topped with a bright hand felted wool ball. Even the laziest feline is gonna go crazy over that! They also have a well-designed cat scratcher, made from a light-coloured wood and sisal. This one is a must to convince Garfield to take his scratching session away from your favourite leather chair.

The Best Gift of All for Your Animal

As cliche as it sounds, the best gift of all is spending quality time with your loyal friend. Go out for a long walk, play fetch in the snow, shower him with hugs and cuddles. After all, dogs and cats, just like humans, enjoy that special time of year when they can hang out for days and days with their loved ones! Happy Holidays!

Gift Ideas for Pets This Christmas

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