3 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

3 trucs faciles à enseigner à votre chien

Your dog already knows the basic commands. He can sit, lay down and his recall is great. A real champion! Why not teach him a few more tricks that go beyond the classics? Not only will it impress others, but that kind of mental exercise is an enjoyable way to keep him happy and healthy. As a matter of fact, it is proven keeping your dog both mentally and physically active are two key elements to fight loneliness and destructive behaviour. In addition, it’s quality time with your pet that you will appreciate equally. After all, all a dog really wants is your attention … and a few treats, of course!

Simple Rules for Successful Training Sessions With Your Dog

Teaching new tricks requires time and patience. To better the odds of being successful at it, a few essential rules apply. Choose a day when you are both in a good mood and go to a calm place where your animal can focus. If you are stressed or impatient, wait for a more appropriate moment. Your doggie can pick up on your emotions and won’t be receptive if he knows you are not feeling well.

Toys and Hemp Treats for Encouragement

Positive reinforcement with toys or treats is a proven method for great results. Be aware of your animal’s favourites, and offer him the best option, such as Crocx biscuits or durable hemp toys. Never raise your voice or punish your dog (but you love him too much for that anyhow!) Reward him instantly when he gets the trick done and praise him. Your four-legged friend will know he did something good!

Keep it Short

The training sessions should be short, not more than ten minutes at a time and limit them to one or two per day. Make sure to end with a game or exercise to keep your student happy.

1 – Roll

A fun trick that will surely make children laugh. Ask your furry companion to lay down and with a treat in hand, make a rotation movement with your arm close to his head. Encourage him to follow the goodie and roll on his back. Don’t forget to give a clear and simple command (in this case “Roll”). You can teach your dog by gently helping him turn his body. It’s not an easy trick, so it will probably require a lot of patience on your part, but reward any attempt to roll. With time, he will become a champion and do a complete rotation.

3 trucs faciles à enseigner à votre chien

2 – High Five

First things first, ask your dog to sit. Put a treat close to his nose and keep your hand open, as if you were going to high-five. Instinctively, many dogs will try to touch the treat with their paw. If your dog does it automatically, slowly bring the treat near his paw and back up at eye level. When your animal touches your hand say: “High-Five” and reward him.

3 – Kiss

Some dogs are compulsive kissers and don’t need to be asked for a smooch. This trick goes takes this to the next level, by teaching your furry friend to kiss “on command.” Instead of classic treats, use a small quantity of peanut butter on your hand or your cheek, if you don’t mind a bit of drool on your face. Lean close to your dog, clearly give the command: “Kiss!” and let him lick the tasty treat. Keep a washcloth handy and don’t worry, chances are, he will quickly catch on and peanut butter won’t be required to get some love from your favourite pooch!

Learn and Have Fun

Of course, the list of awesome tricks to teach your dog is endless. You can have a good time while keeping his brain sharp and active. With patience and a positive attitude, some people even train their animal to dance, play dead or walk on two legs! Talk about impressive! The best strategy is to increase the difficulty level gradually, to make it enjoyable and to respect your pup’s limits. Happy teaching!

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