Canicross: Staying in Shape With Your Dog

Le canicross pour se mettre en forme avec Toutou

In the last few years, we have seen a growing enthusiasm for canine sports. Dog agility, skijoring and, of course, canicross are all gaining in popularity. Originally practised mainly by sled dogs during the off season, canicross has become accessible to other breeds. Perfect for those who want to get in shape with their four-legged friend, it’s an enjoyable and low cost activity that requires little equipment.

What Is Canicross?

It is the sport of cross-country running with your pooch. Wearing a waist belt, the runner lets the dog run ahead. The dog needs a harness linked to its owner’s belt by an elastic line for proper shock absorption. Although it a competitive discipline for some, anyone who wants to move and have fun with their dog can enjoy it. Its main advantages? It’s an all-season sport and can be practised wherever canines are allowed.

Le canicross pour se mettre en forme avec Toutou

Is any special equipment required?

To make the experience both safe and enjoyable, it’s smart to invest in equipment specifically designed for canicross. Usually, 3 elements are essential: a harness for your dog, a canicross waist belt for you and a bungee running line to attach the two of you together. Of course, good quality trail shoes and comfortable clothes are also a must!

Most pet shops now sell canicross equipment. To make sure you buy a harness that is well-adjusted and designed for your dog’s morphology, bring him along on your little canicross shopping spree.

Is This Activity Suitable for Your Dog?

All dogs, big or small, who like to run, can get into canicrossing. However, to avoid joint pain and injury, it is recommended to wait for your pup’s first birthday before hitting the trails. For senior animals, even very active ones, you should start slowly and always respect their pace. As for any new sport or activity, if you have questions, talk to your vet. He’s the expert!  

Le canicross pour se mettre en forme avec Toutou

Food for the Active Pooch

Just like you, your dog will benefit from a healthy diet after all that high-intensity exercise. Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to find nutrition food for active dogs. To support your companion’s needs, the kibbles should be good quality and high in proteins. Your athlete pooch could benefit from supplements such as hemp oil that is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins. It can help keep his heart and joints in top shape. Crocx offers hemp-based products that are perfect for your favourite fur ball runner.  

To Learn More About This Sport

You’re curious to discover more about canicross but you’re not sure where to start? Some canine schools offer special classes for novice canicross enthusiasts. In many regions, there are also groups who organize free activities as well as regular outings for members. This is a fun opportunity to learn about the sport in good company!  

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