How To Train Your Puppy

You have just adopted an adorable puppy, and his first days with you are spent in joy and bliss. However, you realize very quickly that this beautiful baby can not do much except get in trouble. In addition, your home begins to reek with a funky smell. To make him, or her, the perfect roommate, you will have to start his education as soon as possible. Grab your Crocx treat bag and follow our advice on how to train your puppy.

The socialization period

Ideally, your puppy will have had the chance to live with his mother and siblings until at least the age of 8 weeks, if not more. If she comes from a good breeder, she will have been allowed to experience life in society, have been exposed to different typical household and street sounds, etc. He will have been in contact with children, elderly people, women and men.

The important thing is that he had experienced these before reaching the age of 15 weeks. This is the period after which the socialization window closes. If he arrives at your home before this age, you must make every effort to complete his socialization. Some dog centers offer socialization classes for puppies, commonly known as “puppy preschools”. Before you register, make sure the educator does not use any aversive methods. The experiences offered to your puppy must be enjoyable for him.

Potty training your puppy

The puppy usually arrives in his family without having first learned where he needs to do his “business”. Potty training should be taught quickly and easily, with the right methods (see article “Say hello in Chinese!”).

Since the puppy has very little control over his sphincters, he will have to be taken regularly to the place you have chosen. Know that a 2-month old puppy can not hold back more than 3 hours! He will need to eliminate after his nap, after eating and drinking as well as after playing.

To avoid damage to the house, keep your puppy near you, preferably on a leash, have on hand treats such as mini Crocx cookies, and direct her to her potty spot after each activity. As soon as she has done her “business”, give her a treat and congratulate her. On the other hand, if she does nothing, go back inside and start again a few minutes later. The most important thing about potty training is to NEVER punish a puppy who eliminates in the house! Indeed, the only lesson he would draw from it is that he must never eliminate in your presence. Arm yourself with patience and treats, be constant, and he will soon learn that it is more profitable to do his business wherever you want.

Save your puppy’s life, teach him a reliable recall!

Before you even teach him to sit or lie down, you will have to teach him to come to you when you call him. A strong recall is really the thing that could save his life. To teach your puppy to come when called, benefit from the moments when the puppy is not paying attention to you. Say his name with a happy tone of voice, and when he comes to you, repeat “come, come, come,” until he comes near you. As soon as he arrives, throw him a party and give him a bunch of treats. The “come when called” demand, even with a well-trained adult dog, should always be a happy moment for him as for you. So be careful to never recall him with an angry tone of voice, no one wants to go to someone who is grumpy!

Educating your puppy is not an easy task, but you will enjoy the results for a long time!

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