Can My Dog Be Vegan?

Although dogs were once wolves, which is a carnivorous animal, its evolution has made it closer to an omnivore. Indeed, it is by getting closer to human settlements that they learned to feed on their remaining meals. These most likely included fruits, vegetables and some cereals. Even today, dogs rarely raise their nose on a piece of meat, but many are just as excited at the sight of a carrot, a dice of watermelon or even a piece of bread, hence the interest in a vegan diet for pets.

While some will choose to offer a vegan diet to their dog out of conviction, many will turn to this option because their pet has multiple allergies to animal protein. Indeed, more and more dogs appear to be suffering from food allergies, and it can be difficult, time consuming and expensive to identify the allergen in question. In addition, some meats considered less allergenic may be harder to find and be much more expensive to buy.

The vegan diet for the dog

Dogs need protein to stay healthy. We could think that soy-based foods, such as tofu, would contain the ideal protein. But soybean culture raises questions about its effects on the hormonal system. Also, many dogs are allergic to it. It is therefore strongly advised to choose another source of protein.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to find vegetarian or vegan recipes on the internet. However, before making the jump, it is important to acquire a good knowledge of the dog’s food needs in order to offer him a complete diet. Some essential minerals, as well as some vitamins, found in meat are not found in the plant world. They must be added to your recipes as supplements so that they are complete.

Fortunately, it is becoming easier to find high quality brands of vegetarian or vegan pet food. Most of them use yellow or green peas as the main source of protein, in addition to plants and cereals known for their protein content. These foods seem to be well balanced and offer all the vitamins and minerals the dog needs, while avoiding corn, wheat and soy.

What about treats?

Many dogs will enjoy receiving fruits and vegetables as a treat. We must be careful because some can be toxic to our doggies. Grapes, avocados, onions and others, are on the black list of foods to avoid at all costs.

In recent years, healthy treats that are free of animal protein became available. Among others, we can now buy dog treats made with cricket flour. However, the forerunner in the field of vegetarian treats is the Quebec company Crocx. Founded in 2008, it offers healthy and hypoallergenic cookies, without any animal protein.

Its all-natural cookies have very few ingredients and do not contain corn or wheat. Finally, in 2017, Crocx has added heart of hemp to its cookie recipes. Recognized for its beneficial effects on health and well-being, the hemp contained in our treats is also 100% natural and from organic farming. Available in regular and mini sizes, Crocx’s gourmet treats are the perfect complement to your doggie’s vegan or vegetarian diet!

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