Tips to enjoy winter with your dog

A daily walk with your faithful companion is a good habit to take! First, it is good for your health. It is also good for your dog’s health and acts positively on his energy level. Without these regular outings, he may become bored and develop unwanted behaviors. It is therefore important to go out daily, even in winter with a dog. However, with the snow and colder weather, you may find it more difficult to go outside. Despite the fact that preparation takes a little longer than in summer, and having to take some simple precautions, it is quite possible to enjoy the cold weather with your pet! After all, what better than a beautiful walk that will delight your dog? Especially when it also allows you to enjoy the fresh air and snowy landscapes! Here are some tips for safe and enjoyable winter walks with a dog.

Prevent falls

To keep your dog from slipping and skidding, keep his claws well trimmed for better traction. This is even more important if the ground is icy. A regular trim will prevent unnecessarily difficult walks. You think about his safety, but yours is also important. If you hurt yourself, who will ensure his daily treks? Make sure you have good boots, which provide stability and most importantly, have control over your pet. If necessary, keep her close to you and be firm. The last thing you want is for your dog to start pulling you on an icy pavement!

To protect your dog’s paws

Cold, snow, ice and salt used on the sidewalks and roads can damage your dog’s fragile paws. It can even cause burns. If your dog is used to wearing slippers or boots, they may be helpful in preventing injury. However, if he does not tolerate them or spends his time removing them and that becomes a distraction while walking, there are other alternatives to protect his paws. You could simply apply a layer of balm. This will help protect his paw pads from frostbite and cracking skin. When you get home, it will be important to wipe and dry your dog’s paws to remove salt residues, which can not only cause skin problems, but also make him sick if he licks it.

Extreme weather

If the temperature is drastically low, or if it’s stormy, it might be a good idea not to stay outside for too long. If you have a puppy, an older dog or a breed that does not support cold weather, adjust yourself. For this, you must stay alert for signs of discomfort. If he raises his paws, licks them, shivers, trembles or cries, it means that he is cold and it is time to go back home. 

Do not let your dog eat snow

It’s well known, dogs love to eat snow! However, it may contain traces of chemicals and antifreeze. These can be toxic to your pet. In addition, a beautiful white snow bank can hide glass or metal debris potentially dangerous for your pet. It is therefore essential to be vigilant for a pleasant and safe winter walk. This will make both of you happy!

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