The History of Crocx

Crocx for Croquette

Living with a dog that has multiple allergies is not easy. This is even less so when the products intended for her are practically non-existent. This was the case for Melissa and her dog Niko. This animal lover had ten years of experience in the field of food development. Unable to find healthy and hypoallergenic treats for him, she began to read about it. She then created healthy dog cookie recipes with a minimum of ingredients. It is by publishing her recipes on Facebook that Melissa realized the great need to see on the market treats without animal proteins, wheat, corn and soy. Soon, pet stores began to write to her asking her to market her cookies. This is how the company Biscuits Crocx was born in 2008.

The name is inspired by Croquette, Melissa’s other dog who went by the nickname of Crocx. In her early days, Melissa made her cookies in her own kitchen. She worked on them in her spare time, while continuing to work at her regular job. She took care of the delivery to the stores on evenings and weekends, sometimes even on her lunch hours!

The growth of Crocx

After a year at this crazy pace, Melissa decided to try her luck. She started to work on her cookies full time. Since she wanted to get back the tranquility of her home, but also increase her operational capabilities, Melissa went looking for the perfect premises and professional equipment to make her products. It was in 2014, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in the Saint-Luc sector, that Biscuits Crocx moved its home and opened the store of the same name. Like its biscuits, the vast majority of quality products offered at her store are made in Quebec or Canada. The shop also offers a showcase for artisanal products for pets.

In addition to her main mission of offering a product made entirely of natural ingredients and 70% organic, Melissa is committed to helping as much as possible abandoned animals in Quebec shelters. This is how she donates a portion of her profits, in the form of cookies, to various animal shelters in Quebec. This generous gesture makes it possible to spoil the dogs abandoned by their family during their stay at a shelter.

Since then, Crocx has become a guarantee of quality. Its famous cookies are available throughout Quebec in many pet-dedicated stores. The company is present on social networks and participates in many pet shows. This is how Melissa has managed to educate a large number of dog owners to the quality of the ingredients that should end up in their pet’s diet.

Crocx and hemp

Because there is always room for improvement, and animal welfare is constantly at the heart of its concerns, Crocx has now incorporated hemp into its treat recipes.

It offers a perfectly balanced ratio of Omega 3 and 6 nine essential amino acids. It also contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. For all these reasons, it improves and strengthens the immune system’s response. In addition, it reduces joint pain and inflammation in general. It is a great contribution to keeping your dog healthy for many years.

Crocx always has the health and comfort of your dog in mind. That’s why a hemp oil supplement is also available. First, it helps to strengthen the immune system. Then, it reduces hair loss and improves its quality. Finally, it decreases reaction to allergens.

More recently, Crocx has further expanded its horizons. The company has started marketing dog toys and accessories made from 100% hemp fiber. This vegetal fiber being the most resistant of all, it also has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Dog owners will be able to purchase a range of products including leashes, collars and toys, all natural and robust, proudly bearing the Crocx brand.

From its beginnings in a small kitchen in Monteregie, to a thriving small business, Crocx has kept the same values and its mission. It contributes to the well-being of animals by offering treats with healthy ingredients and products that will entertain them for many years.

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